Weak Side Lob for Wiggins (Kansas) against the 2-3 Zone

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Name of Play Weak Side Lob for Wiggins against the 2-3 Zone
Nickname of Play NA
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Offensive Set Play
Most appropriate age range(s) College or Above
Best used against 2-3 Zone


This is a set play that Kansas likes to use to set up Andrew Wiggins to use his athleticism to go up and get the ball behind a 2-3 Zone. Wiggins and another forward set up on the weak side block with Wiggins below. The other three players space out with one on each wing and one at the top of the key.



  • PG at the top of the key enters the ball to one wing or another. The opposite wing immediately cuts across court to set a screen on the opposite wing's defender.
  • The wing with the ball swings it back up top.
  • As the wing receives the screen, he uses it to get free to set a ball screen for the PG. The PG splits the two screens to get into the paint causing the middle defender of the 2-3 to step up.
  • As the middle defender steps up, the top forward on the block sets a back screen for Wiggins who takes a couple steps and elevates for a lob pass over the top from the PG.