Two Man Screen Away to Enter the Ball

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Name of Play Two Man Screen Away to Enter the Ball
Nickname of Play Box Sideline
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Sideline Inbound
Most appropriate age range(s) Youth, Middle School
Best used against Man to Man


  • This Sideline Inbound is run out of a Box Set. This is a simple inbound play designed to get the ball in and works well for youth teams that have difficulty organizing a play.


  • You start the play in a box set. Have your two best screeners or forward/center position players as O4 and O5 on the near side block and elbow.
  • O4 and O5 both screen away for O1 and O2.
  • O5 then receives a down screen from O4 and pops up to the weak side perimeter.

Make sure to emphasize that players step to the pass strongly if the ball is inbounded to them. This may make the difference in maintaining possession or allowing a defender to step in front.