Two Line Wing Deny

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Drill Two Line Wing Deny
Drill Nickname N/A
Central focus of the drill Defense
Number of players required 4
Most appropriate age range(s) Youth, Middle School, High School, College or Above, All


  • The drill starts with a line starting at each wing and going towards half court.
  • The first two players out are on defense and the second two on offense. Players not involved at the moment should back up past the hash mark to allow space.
  • The Coach is in a stationary position at the top of the key with the basketball as a passer.
2 Man Wing Deny.jpg


  • The offense will attempt to get open while the defense attempts to prevent them from getting the ball while in Deny Position.
  • The offense will play live 2 on 2 on the catch and can use the Coach as a passer.
  • The Coach should pass to the first player open at the beginning of the drill. After the drill runs for several minutes the Coach should start to skip the first open man or two to force the defense and offense to continue to work to get open and deny.
  • We encourage the offense to use a variety of techniques to get open and score, including:

On the catch we utilize it as an opportunity for our players to work on their Pick and Roll offense/defense.

  • Offensive rebounds are still live.
  • On a made basket/defensive rebound/turnover defense goes to the back of the line and offense becomes the defense.