Two Basket Tip Drill

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Drill Two Basket Tip Drill
Drill Nickname Full Court Tip
Central focus of the drill Conditioning
Number of players required 12
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above


  • Two lines of 6+ players each on alternate sides of opposing baskets.
  • This conditioning drill is best run with a larger squad (closer to 15+ players) but can be run with an athletic group as small as 10-12. It may be possible to run with younger groups on a court size that's less than regulation.


The first player in each line picks a side of the backboard and tosses the ball in a straight line off the side of the backboard to the left or right of the square. The next player should rebound the ball not allowing it to hit the ground and "tip" it up so it hits the same spot. The next player does the same and after tipping it up each player should sprint to the opposite line in an attempt to make sure the tip continues on both sides of the court.

This continues for a predetermined amount of time or set to a goal of "minimum tips" or maximum times the ball should hit the floor.

Full Court Tip Drill Seq1.jpg