Transition Buildup

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Drill Transition Buildup
Drill Nickname Transition Buildup
Central focus of the drill Transition
Number of players required 10
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above


  • Teams will always be attacking the same basket.
  • O1 will shoot a 1 and 1.
  • X1 and X2 will be rebounders.

Drill Rules

We generally put emphasis on two basic rules during this drill:

  1. If you have an open shot, shoot it! The offensive team will always have the rebounding advantage in a +man situation as well as having momentum going towards the basket.
  2. If the ball can be advanced up the floor or swung to the across the basket line to the weak side, do it!


  • O1 will shoot the 1 & 1. On a rebound or two made baskets O1 becomes a defender and X1 and X2 become offense. X1 and X2 will immediately inbound or outlet as quickly as possible pushing down the floor for a 2 on 1.
  • On any defensive rebound or made basket, O2 and O3 become live players. They push down the court 3 on 2.
  • Next possession, X3 and X4 become live players. They push 4 on 3.
  • Next possession, O4 and O5 become live players. They push 5 on 4.
  • The drill finishes with each team getting one trip down the court 5 on 5.
  • We then swap sides, with X1 starting the buildup shooting a 1 & 1.


  • Having players be comfortable shooting an open shot. Far too often players think about shooting and it takes them out of their natural shooting rhythmn. It's also common for a player with an open shot, having space on his defender, to drive into the defender and shoot. The drill promotes taking an open shot at 15 feet instead of a contested shot at 10.

The emphasis on shooting the open shot can vary based upon the talents of your team. In a man advantage situation it's always preferable to get a shot at the rim but in some cases the player may be passing up a an open shot at 10-15ft to take a contested one at 5ft. Offensive rebounding ability should also be a factor as a shot taken with a man advantage will also lead to offensive rebounding opportunities. Adjust this to the style and talents of the players you are coaching.

  • Always advancing or skipping the ball when possible. Changing sides of the floor makes the defense shift and advancing the ball is the quickest method of transition.
  • Speed and reaction time is imperative for this drill particularly in getting a quick outlet/inbound. The intent is to make players comfortable in a chaotic and fast paced transition environment.