Tip Drill

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Drill Tip Drill
Drill Nickname "Tip"
Central focus of the drill Warm-up
Number of players required 5
Most appropriate age range(s) All

Setup and Execution

The Tip Drill is one of the most common warm-up drills around. It's usually done with a full squad of 5+ players who are coming out onto the court from an entrance area or starting practice. It's popular as it gets everyone moving right away, jumping, and getting accustomed to rebounding the ball right away.

The first player picks a side of the backboard and tosses the ball in a straight line off the side of the backboard to the left or right of the square. The next player should rebound the ball not allowing it to hit the ground and "tip" it up so it hits the same spot. The next player does the same til the last player in line tips the ball up and off the top right corner of the square to score the basket and finish the drill.


  • The squad can go through the drill twice in succession by having the first player start a new line on the opposite side. When the last player on the original side gets the tip instead of making it in they can tip it off the glass to the first player on the opposite side. The last player in the new line finishes the drill.
  • See also: Two Basket Tip Drill.
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