Split Wings with Quick Feed Inside

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Name of Play Split Wings with Quick Feed Inside
Nickname of Play USC SIdeline 1
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Sideline Inbound
Most appropriate age range(s) Middle School, High School, College or Above
Best used against Any


  • O2, O3, and O5 set up in a flat triangle at the top of the key. O5 a post player, should be closest to the inbounder. The other two guard spots are interchangeable.
  • O1 should start just in front of the basket.
USC Sideline Seq1.jpg


  • O2 should take a few strong steps at O5 who is coming to set a screen just about the foul line. O2 should initiate contact then reverse direction going above the three point line and curling towards the weak side wing.
  • O3 should run underneath O2 and off of the screen going to the inbound.
  • O5 sets the cross screen just above the middle of the foul line and then should then turn to set a down screen for O1.
  • O1 should use the screen to get to the top of the key and receive the inbound.
USC Sideline Seq2.jpg
  • After screening, O5 should turn and seal hard in the middle of the paint. O1 should attempt to get him the ball and the movement should be quick from O4 inbound to O1 to O5.
USC Sideline Seq3.jpg