Reverse Alternating Layup Drill

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Drill Reverse Alternating Layup Drill
Drill Nickname Reverse Mikan
Central focus of the drill Offense
Number of players required 1
Most appropriate age range(s) All


This drill simply requires a basketball and a hoop.


The Mikan Drill is a great one for scoring around the basket and getting accustomed to using the backboard while in close. Fact of the matter is, we don't always find ourselves in an ideal situation underneath the basket and in the paint.

This drill is the same as the Mikan drill, alternating left and right hand to score off the glass. The difference is that you start underneath the basket and are looking to score using your outside hand to protect the basketball. You should be facing up the court. This is also a good drill to learn how to utilize giving the ball some spin off the backboard if you are able to control it well enough to do so.

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