Rebound War plus Transition

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Drill Rebound War (+Possession)
Drill Nickname NA
Central focus of the drill Rebounding
Number of players required 6
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above


Execution of Base Drill

  • Coach shoots the ball
  • X1X2X3 must sprint and box out O1O2O3,
  • After the rebound - Play 3X3 (or 4X4, 5X5 if you adjust the drill) on the other basket.
  • If the Offense gets an Offensive Rebound they should play til a score or defensive rebound.
  • Then communicate and adjust off the score/rebound quickly into your transition defense.

Base Drill + Rotation/Modifiers

  • Have players rotate to different spots .. inside/outside paint.
  • Assign each rebounder a number - then make a pass to a offensive player for a shot attempt. Call a number that must box out the shooter - others must adjust.
  • Make players box out across the basket line.

Continue to play the extra possession going the other way.