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Getting Open and Getting Feeds to the Post

There is two major factors with getting the ball fed to you in the post. The guard perspective versus the post perspective on being open is going to be significantly different. You see the passing lane between them and you, but they also see peripheral defenders near you that you may not see. Second, the many guards (particularly at younger levels) don't have the habit of or don't have the commitment to getting the ball inside. They want to shoot, they want to drive, and in order for you to get the ball you will have to demand it through non-verbal communication.

Seal your man off in the post, get low and CALL for the ball by showing hands to the guards where you want the ball creating a passing target. Be active by having a 2-3 second clock in your head where you either need to screen off the ball (set a back screen for someone, screen away, etc) or flash strong to the high/low post. Here's a few general tips:

  • Be confident in your moves - Make a strong, confident move to the rim. Don't be indecisive when you do get the ball.
  • Establish a relationship - If guards know that getting you the ball is going to result in an increase in opportunities for them as well you will have a better chance of having someone likely to feed you the ball.
  • See the floor- Don't barrel through 3 defenders just because you got a touch. Either make a move or square up and see the floor, in some cases the best option for ball movement is for you to skip the ball to the opposite corner.
  • Demand the Ball - Use eye contact and show your hands to say non-verbally "Give me the ball!". Establish strong position by sealing off the defense and if you don't get it after 2-3 seconds don't bother, go be active away from the ball. After a few seconds you will lose leverage, so move away from contact and re-establish position.
  • Don't be a black hole - If guards get the sense that a shot is going up every single time they feed you the ball in the post regardless if it's a quality shot or not they will lose confidence.