Pivot Tag Drill

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Drill Pivot Tag Drill
Drill Nickname N/A
Central focus of the drill Offense
Number of players required 10
Most appropriate age range(s) Youth, Middle School, All


This is a drill designed to be a fun conditioning activity that reinforces the concepts of maintaining a proper pivot foot when catching the basketball. This is great for large groups particularly with younger players, but I've seen people of all ages enjoying this fast paced game.

Drill Execution

Drill set up is pretty straight forward, you want to take a small percentage of your group and make them the "taggers". Use a predetermined area that you can scale to the size of your group... I.E. if you have 50 kids, use an entire court. If you have 20 kids, half a court may be more appropriate. Players and taggers must stay within the lines of the area.

This drill uses only a single basketball to be shared among the tagger group.

The players who are the "taggers" will look to tag players by touching them with the basketball while maintaining a solid pivot foot. If the tagger travels, the player is safe. The taggers cannot throw the basketball at a player they must have it in their possession. Use your own discretion on the amount of taggers you place in the drill.. usually around 10-20% of the group depending on size.

Taggers Must:

  • Maintain use of a pivot foot when in possession of the basketball.
  • Actively cut and attempt to use the corners of the court against players (trap them!).
  • Quick ball movement to catch players off guard.

Players Must:

  • Avoid being tagged as long as possible!
  • Anticipate the pass.
  • Read the shoulders of the taggers to recognize passing angles.

Determining a Winner(s)

You can have the group go down til a single player remains who would be the winner. Another option is to wait til an equal amount of players to taggers remain and the players who survived now become the new taggers as a reward and the drill restarts with all players.

Skills Utilized