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Basketball-small.jpgThis page has been marked as needing improvement. This means incomplete, badly structured or otherwise in need of significant improvements.

Drills and Plays

For both Drills and Plays we would recommend that at least three categories be included in the page. Also please be sure to use the Forms that have been provided on the sidebar for uniformity purposes.


The details on how the drill or play is set up and explained.


A clear explination on how the drill is conducted and executed.


Points in the drill or play where certain things are emphasized or suggestions/notes that may be useful in the use of the article.

Edit Tab

This tab allows you to edit the source code of a page. Please see our Help page for more information on page formatting.

Edit with Form Tab

This allows for a more structured edit, especially in the case of using our forms. This allows you to easily edit what was entered into a form without messing around with Wikicode.

Blog Posts

To submit a blog post from an outside site with permission from the owner, please use our Blog Post Form. The text of the article should be framed using the following code inside the form where designated:

{{Quote|Blog Text Here}}