Pack-line Defense

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Defense Name Pack-line Defense
Defense Nickname N/A
Type of defense Man-to-Man Defense
Most appropriate age range is All
Best used against Poor Shooting Teams

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Quote from user MinerSc2 from Basketball coaching forum /r/basketballcoach .

Packline Defense (M2M): This is a defense that utilizes help from the next closest defender. The keys to this defense are that you always pressure the ball, and if you are not guarding the ball you have your feet inside the "pack line" which is an invisible line between 16-18 feet from the basket.

In this defense philosophy you are taught not to get beat baseline because you have help coming on the drive from the nearest defenders on the pack line which will show hard on the drive. For example if someone drives from the top of the 3 point line the strong side wing will help out.

This is really good at stopping penetration assuming your team is good at closing out but with helping one pass away it is very easy to give up uncontested 3's if the defender is late getting back to his man.