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BasketballWiki.Net Baseline OOB Play - Georgetown 3 Man Stack

We will feature here on the front page some of the articles posted during the year! If you would like to nominate an article please leave a suggestion in the comment section of the Featured Wiki Articles page:

Current Featured Articles

  • Basics of Coaching the Layup - Simple introduction to the layup angle, footwork, release and technique for beginner coaches and players.
  • Ball Handling and Control Drills - There's no doubt that the best way to improve your skills handling the ball is to do it a lot and to vary the situations you encounter. Ball control and handling drills are important for every position from PG to C no matter where you play on the floor. We recommend players pick 12 drills a day to work on for about 30 seconds each to challenge themselves with the "Daily Dozen!".


Current News

  • December 15th, 2015 - BasketballWiki.Net has reached 1 million views! Thank you for your continued support of our free basketball index.
  • November 8th, 2015 - Finally decided on our new logo! We went with simple and modern as is the design we are hoping for on the Wiki. We hope your season has gotten off to a great start!
  • March 8th, 2015 - Our mobile view is now released! Sorry it took so long. We hope it renders much better on mobile and tablets - we are trying to work on getting categories to list inside the article. For now, you can click on the menu in the top left corner and click on home - this will bring you back to our categories framework (or just use back on your browser). Let us know if you see any bugs by tweeting @BasketballWiki or leaves a message on our Facebook page.

Featured Contributors & Improvement Focus
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  • Thank you to all of our Featured Contributors who have contributed quality content to help spread knowledge of the game.
  • A detailed guide on how to be an Wiki author at BasketballWiki.Net is currently under construction!

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  • We have set up a framework of categories to work with listed below. Pages can be added to these categories, or create your own!
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