Kentucky Triangle Screen Option

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Name of Play Kentucky Triangle Screener Option
Nickname of Play Kentucky "3"
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Offensive Set Play
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above
Best used against Any


Kentucky Triangle Screener Option Seq1.jpg


  • The two wing players should push through and use the staggered screen if coming up the same side. If a wing ends up in the running lane on the play side, they should make a baseline cut and then reverse direction to use the staggered screen as if coming from the opposite direction.
  • The first player through the screen (in this case O2 ) should curl around the top of the high screener back towards the basket looking for an open pass from O1 if available - if not he should quickly position himself facing up the court and be ready to make a read once O3 receives the ball.
  • O3 uses the staggered screen to get open on the strong side wing receiving the pass from O1. This stagger screen concept can be adjusted to however you prefer to get the wing open without a strong denial.
Kentucky Triangle Screener Option Seq2.jpg
  • O5 should continue to drift towards the weak side as they set the two screens near the basket and eventually end up just outside the opposite elbow.
  • O1 after making the pass to the wing should move forward to just above the foul line creating a Triangle look from O1, O4, and O5.
  • O3 after receiving the pass on the wing makes a dribble push towards the top of the key giving a better passing angle for the upcoming cut.

Kentucky Triangle Screener Option Seq3.jpg
  • O2 then has the option to cut off of any anyone of the the three screeners in the Triangle. Be aware of a three second call - we set the rule that O2 should be making their cut almost immediately as the pass is caught on the wing and the ball handler begins to push to the key. The player should read the positioning of the defenders both underneath the players in the Triangle and if their defender is playing them to a side or fronting.
Kentucky Triangle Screener Option Seq4.jpg
  • If O2 can't receive the pass or can see a better option, it's perfectly fine to re-cut into the lane and use the Triangle again. Once the pass is received, the screener should re-screen looking to utilize the screen and roll. There is plenty of different options that can be used for motion on the weak side of the play such as a flare screen or a back screen and this players should recognize and utilize open space based on defensive alignment.

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