Kansas High-Low Post Cross Option

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Name of Play Kansas High-Low Post Cross Option
Nickname of Play Kansas Quick Hit 1 2012
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Offensive Set Play
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above
Best used against Any


  • O4 and O5 slightly below the elbows.
  • O1 brings the ball over half court.
  • O2 and O3 start on the block.
Kansas2012PostHiLo Seq1.jpg


  • O2 and O3 use O4 and O5 as rub screens on the inside while curling out to the wing.
  • O1 will make a decision on which way to go, to O3 in the case in the example above.
  • The post player on the ball side elbow (O4) will start to make a cut across the key while the weak side elbow (O5) will cut over the top of O4 and curl down to the strong side block.
  • After O5 passes by, O4 will take a strong V-Cut towards the rim and then fade out to the top of the key.
  • O3 is given either the option to feed the post or hit the cutter to the top of the key if open for a shot.
Kansas2012PostHiLo Seq2.jpg