Immobile Basketball Box Out Drill

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Drill Immobile Basketball Box Out Drill
Drill Nickname Box Out Basics
Central focus of the drill Rebounding
Number of players required 2
Most appropriate age range(s) Youth, Middle School, High School


  • The setup for the drill is simple, all you need is two players and a basketball.
  • Place the basketball on the ground about 7-10 feet from where the two players are standing.
  • Assign one player to offense and one to defense.
  • If working with an entire team, space them out at least 10-15 feet apart from each other and try to match up players of similar build & weight.


  • On a signal or whistle, the offense (O) will try to get the basketball. Player X (defense) will attempt to box them out.
  • The amount of time given to get to the basketball can vary by preference, but less time for youth players(3-5sec) and more time for older players (5-7 sec) is preferable.


  • The defensive player must close the gap and initiate contact with the defense player.
  • We teach the defensive player to read the offense's initial effort to try to move past the defense left or right by contact and controlling their momentum.
  • The player should reverse pivot their inside foot to the outside and box out the player, using the offense's own momentum against them to keep them away from the basketball.
  • The player should then use the outside arm to maintain contact and let the contact with the offense dictate their movement in the box out, switching control arms if necessary. Be sure to educate the players that holding a player is a foul - they should stay in front with their body.
  • Players should be in a low, strong, and balanced athletic stance and not be standing straight up.

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