High Post Offense

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Minimizing Turnovers

Don't hold the ball in the high post. You have about a 2-3 second time window before you become at risk of committing a turnover.


See the whole floor. One of the best things you can do is square up and skip opposite to a guard on the weak side. It really breaks down the defense.

How to Get the Ball to the Rim

You need to practice "2nd" moves. IE:

-Give and go High/Low with a Low Post (This takes chemisty)

-Ball Fake, dribble attack both left and right both to the rim and pull-up for short J.

You can get better at these High Post "Combo Moves" by just drilling them into the ground with repetition.

The "First" move is always contested, you need to develop a comfort level with your misdirection.

Diving to the Block

Don't be afraid to play to your strength. Kick the ball to a wing, initiate contact with your defender with your forearm while facing them and drive them down onto the block. Reverse pivot and seal them off big with 2 hands looking right at that wing saying give me the damn ball on the block!