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This page is for Frequenty Asked Questions about BasketballWiki.Net.

If your question is not answered here, leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we will get it answered!

Is BasketballWiki really free?

BasketballWiki is and always will be 100% free!

The Wiki format allows users to contribute information in a familiar and streamlined way. Using things such as standard forms and categories will allow to be an easy to use tool for people who want to share and gain knowledge on the game. You do not need HTML experience to edit the Wiki!.

The goal of this site is to have a variety of information on the game where players, coaches, and fans alike can be exposed to a variety of concepts, techniques, and strategy. Content and information is created and indexed on the site on a volunteer basis.

Can I reuse material from BasketballWiki.Net?

BasketballWiki.Net is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. For more on what that means, please click here.

I want to print off a content page. Is there a printer friendly version?

Yes, there is! From any content page simply click on Printable Version in the Toolbox section of the Sidebar.


What's the difference between a page and a category?

Information is shared in several different ways. Pages, such as the one you are currently on, are the central articles of the Wiki. For more information on how to edit a Wiki page visit this help page Formatting Help.

Categories can be edited for content just like pages, but are used to organize content. Categories can have subcategories and can be set up like a family tree to break down information that may be hard to sift through.An example of Parent and Child categories would be for instance, Category:Drill would be the parent category for Category:Transition Drills. For further help with Categories visit Categories Help.

Example: Pages 2-3 Zone and pages 1-3-1 Zone would both fall under Category:Zone Defense.

How do I create a page or an article?

If you would like to contribute on a topic use the search feature to find if there is already a page on the topic. If there isn't, create it! You will see your search highlighted in Red with an option to create the page. You have the option to create pages with any title you like. Making sure it is listed in established Categories or creating your own category will be essential to allow users to find and browse your addition.


If you are uncomfortable creating your own page we also offer the option to Submit an Article by Email and our staff will create it for you.

What is a Template?

For certain types of articles such as Drills, Plays, and Defenses we have tables set up to try to keep the basic information universal for purpose of future search ability. How you present the content is completely up to you, but we ask that you use the template so people can find it! Please use these links to create articles of the following types:

How do I add images to an Article?

One of the most important ways that people relay information on the game of Basketball is through the diagram of the player movement on the court itself and other imagery. will host the images on our site and we've made it easy to upload the images directly from your computer.

First, make sure you are registered and logged in. On the Sidebar along the left hand side of the site click the link to "Upload file".

You can then add your image to the page by browsing your computer and uploading the file. Also listed is the code to add your image to the page you would like. For additional help with image formatting visit Mediawiki Image Help.

If you are looking for diagrams of a basketball court for use in your article we recommend the Basketball Court Templates offered for free by the folks at Apollo's Templates. Apollo Basketball Templates