Four Across Crossing Breaker

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Name of Play Four Across Crossing Breaker
Nickname of Play Cross-Break
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Press Break
Most appropriate age range(s) Middle School, High School
Best used against Man to Man Press


  • Guards on the elbows.
  • O3 is the inbounder.
  • Forwards on the foul line extended.
Four Across Crossing Breaker Seq1.jpg


  • The two guards making a crossing scissor cut with preferably the strong side player going first.
  • The weak side forward comes over the top of the guards to the basketball.
  • The strong side forward looks to go long over the top of the man to man press.

After getting the ball inbound, the forward who went long should look to flash back to the middle to receive the pass. The inbound passer should trail the play unless you are confident enough in your ball handler to clear out. The rest of the players fill the running lane looking to transition up the court.

Four Across Crossing Breaker Seq2.jpg