Finish Strong/Defensive Slides Simulated Transition Conditioning

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Drill Finish Strong/Defensive Slides Simulated Transition Conditioning
Drill Nickname Finish & D' Up
Central focus of the drill Transition
Number of players required 1
Most appropriate age range(s) All


  • This drill sets up with three lines facing the basket at half court.
  • This drill is done without a basketball.

Players should attack the rim strong with two in the running lane and one down the middle. Players should simulate finishing strong at the basket and touch the rim/backboard. With younger groups, simulate proper footwork for a layup.


After finishing the simulated basket players should immediately drop into a defensive stance as if guarding a player. Each player should make three defensive slides left, then right, and repeated til they reach half court. Optional addition is having the player square up at the end of the third slide simulating forcing a defender to their opposite hand.


As the players reach half court a steal is simulated and all players attack the basket and finish strong like before. They will then proceed to get in a stance and slide to the closest corner, turn the corner, and continue all the way to the opposite baseline. When players begin their slide to the corner the Coach should whistle for the next group to begin the sequence.