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We will feature here on the front page some of the articles posted during the year! If you would like to nominate an article please leave a suggestion in the comment section of the Featured Wiki Articles page:

Current Featured Articles

  • Basics of Coaching the Layup - Simple introduction to the layup angle, footwork, release and technique for beginner coaches and players.
  • Ball Handling and Control Drills - There's no doubt that the best way to improve your skills handling the ball is to do it a lot and to vary the situations you encounter. Ball control and handling drills are important for every position from PG to C no matter where you play on the floor. We recommend players pick 12 drills a day to work on for about 30 seconds each to challenge themselves with the "Daily Dozen!".



  • Rebounding Fundamentals - We've updated our Wiki article on rebounding to detail information on the fundamentals and skills of defensive, offensive, and situational rebounding. This includes offensive rebounding moves, defensive rebounding technique, and strategy for both players and coaches to control the glass.
  • Diamond 1-2-1-1 Full Court Zone Trap - An aggressive full court trapping defense with several variations allowing for instant traps or channeling the ball to the sideline.
  • Four Low Flex Inbound - Great baseline style inbound play featuring a flex screen from UVA.
  • 1-3-1 3/4 Court Trap - An aggressive three quarter court defense looking to apply ball pressure and utilize traps in the corners.
  • Weak Side Lob for Wiggins (Kansas) against the 2-3 Zone‎ - Here's one of the ways Coach Self overcame the Oklahoma State 2-3 Zone in the Big 12 tournament - by utilizing the lob pass to his star.
  • Winning in the Post Season - Very intuitive blog post on handling the playoffs as a Coach by Bob Walsh.
  • Flare Screen - One of the best ways to get your lights out shooter open - highlight from Ray Allen.
  • Help Side - Help Side defense - some of the things to make you more a more effective help defender and some of the mistakes that are commonly made.
  • 1-4 High Flex Offense - Ball Control Offense that keeps the paint clear.