Fake 2-3

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Defense Name Fake 2-3
Defense Nickname 23 Show
Type of defense Hybrid Defense
Most appropriate age range is High School
Best used against Inexperienced Coaches or Players, Change-Of-Look Defense


The Fake 2-3 is more of a concept rather than an actual defensive scheme. The effectiveness of this concept depends largely on the recognition ability of the players and coaches on the opposing team. Here's an example of it's use:

A team I coached for was getting hurt by players coming off ball screens leading to open shooters off of the fade and the defense collapsing. We knew we needed to change the pace but had never been a great zone defense team as we were undersized. A Faux 2-3 can cause a team to shift it's offensive strategy while you disguise your defense by coming down the floor in a 2-3 set up each time down the court. The team remained in it's Zone Offense for the remainder in the game while we were faking a 2-3 and actually playing man to man. Their offense ended up being stagnant and we were able to get them away from what they were doing well.


  • For a few possessions, go into a strict 2-3 Zone. Generally teams will adapt by switching to a zone offense.
  • After a couple of plays, switch to the Fake 2-3.


  • Each time you come down the court in the Fake 2-3, players should set up just as if they were in a standard 2-3. On a pre-designated pass, players will simply match up with the player closest to them in their zone and guard them as if in man-to-man. We used the second pass after the ball crosses half court as the marker. The second pass was made and each player would match up with someone in the area without using communication to reveal what we were doing. This is a tactic that we have used as a "momentum breaker".