Dribble Push Fast Break Layups

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Drill Dribble Push Fast Break Layups
Drill Nickname (#) in 60
Central focus of the drill Transition
Number of players required 4
Most appropriate age range(s) Youth, Middle School


  • Can be done with a full team or a few as 4. Two lines in opposite corners of the full court.
  • One basketball for each line.
  • We designate count and time. This means we call the drill for example, "16 in 60" which means we need to complete 16 full court layups in 60 seconds. This time and count can be adjusted to the preference of the Coach.
  • We have one cone as a starting point and one cone as an outlet point.
Layups in 60 Seq1.jpg


  • The first player in each line should dribble push to make a layup on the opposite end of the court.
  • The first player must get their own rebound.
  • The second player in line cannot leave til the first player makes/misses the layup.
  • The second player makes a cut up to the cone at the wing, then steps to the pass to receive the outlet.
  • They then turn and face and dribble push for a layup, and the drill continues til time elapses.

Layups in 60 Seq2.jpg
Layups in 60 Seq3.jpg

Emphasis Points

  • Speed in the dribble push and learning how to slow down enough to be able to control the ball and make the layup. Players should go as fast as they can to still be able to manage doing so.
  • Dribble push up the running lane and taking a good angle at the basket coming from the wing into a driving lane.
  • Quick rebound and strong/on target outlet two handed overhead pass off the pivot.
  • Improving on efficiency each time you run the drill.