Denied Reversal Down Screen 3v0 Drill

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Drill Denied Reversal Down Screen 3v0 Drill
Drill Nickname Denied Reversal Walkthrough
Central focus of the drill Offense
Number of players required 3
Most appropriate age range(s) Youth, Middle School, High School


For Drill #1 in this progression series, see 3v0 Shallow Cut Motion Drill.

This drill is the second in our progression series for the 2 Post Offense and focuses on what we do when ball reversal is being denied by the defense. The goal is to get players comfortable with initiating the offense in a transition situation as well as reinforcing the concept of having the top of the key man reverse the basketball and make the shallow cut through to the weak side.

Emphasis Points and Video

  • Filling the running lane in transition.
  • Appropriate spacing in transition - filling all three perimeter spots.
  • Recognizing reversal denial and knowing situationally if they should be simply cutting or looking to down screen.
  • Footwork in utilizing the screen: Planting on the outside foot, stepping through and past the screen directly off the shoulder to leave no space between the person using the screen and the screener.
  • Making sure screener has set themselves and is 1-2 ft from the defender allowing the player they are screening for to utilize the screen and keep it legal.
Progression #2: 2 Post Offense (Perimeter players) Drill

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