Defending the 2 on 1 Fast Break

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One of the most important elements in defending a 2 on 1 fast break is recognizing that you as the defender will not be able to prevent a basket indefinitely, but are attempting to delay a score long enough for your teammates to recover. Every situation is unique but most often you will be attacked with the dribble from the running lane.

The most important thing to recognize is that you must stop the ball. Only the person with the ball can score! You must stop the basketball even at the risk of giving up the pass. Every extra pass that you force is a chance at a turnover and a chance for your teammates to recover.

Active hands and even legs are a key to defending against the fast break. As you step up from the basket and the basket line to stop the ball, you should be ready to react to deflect a pass. Stopping a bounce pass by getting your foot into the passing lane causing a kicked ball violation, deflecting a ball out of bounds, or even committing a foul in most situations is equivalent to getting a stop. Getting the call of a blocking foul while attempting to take a charge stops the break and if you step up into the driving lane it prevents an easy layup.

Another option is to fake that you are going to step into the driving lane and instead take away the passing lane. Sometimes this will cause the player with the ball to be indecisive and pass the ball when they should have gone to the rim.

Stepping into the driving lane of the player with the ball can cause a bad pass, a travel, a double dribble, an offensive foul, or even simply cause the player to take a more difficult shot than a layup. The percentages are not in your favor to get a stop but making sure to stop the basketball first will increase your chances.