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This is the category for Drill Modifiers. Drill modifiers can be classified as techniques that can be applied to more than one or all drills to provide an extra level of drill development.

Simple Drill Modifiers:

  • Give your players a time limit for offensive possessions if you are focusing on Transition Offense
  • Include an extra possession into your drills. If you are doing a Shell Drill, have the defense outlet and quickly transition into offense going the other way.
  • Run continuous drills. If you planned to run through a set offense for example, instead of doing it X amount of times, have them run it through continuously for 60 seconds or longer.
  • Add a "Wild Card" defender to drills. This player can roam around and harass/trap the ball to create a defensive advantage to make the offense work harder to maintain possession.
  • Incorporate Ball Handling and Control Drills into your shooting drills. Adding elements can help to not only work on ball handling but create a game type flow and create a comfort shooting off the dribble.


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