Around the World 1 & 1

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Drill Around the World 1 & 1
Drill Nickname Around the World
Central focus of the drill Offense
Number of players required 4
Most appropriate age range(s) Youth, All

This drill is primarily for gyms that have multiple courts and/or side hoops. If you only have two hoops, this drill could be run by using hoops multiple times.


  • A Free Throw shooter at each basket.
  • Lines behind the shooters divided evenly amongst the baskets.


  • Players will shoot a 1 & 1. If they make both they move on to the next basket. (Basket order can vary by gym setup.)
  • If they miss the first shot, they run the equivalent of a full court and back. Miss the second, half court and back. Make sure players do not run through a shooter's vision.
  • Players must complete every basket in the circut and "Win" at the basket they started at by completing a final 1&1. If they miss they run as normal, and have to move back a basket.
  • First player to finish their "Winning" basket is declared the winner.