Arc Shooting

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Drill Arc Shooting
Drill Nickname U Shooting, Block Shooting
Central focus of the drill Warm-up
Number of players required 4
Most appropriate age range(s) All


  • Two lines out of bounds underneath the block area.
  • The first person in one line and the second person in the other line should have the basketball.


  • First person in line takes a curved arc at the opposite side lower block, catching the pass from the line at that spot.
  • After the pass is made, the passer takes the same arc at their opposite block. This goes continuously.
  • After shooting at the opposite block, the player stays in that line.
  • Once the player has shot at both lower blocks, they move up to the next hash and so on.


We use this drill to put an emphasis on proper footwork and balance when shooting. On the first catch or two the player should be using the glass with a soft touch and follow through. It's important for them to recognize that as they come from one side to the other they need to plant the inside foot and then bring the outside foot with it. This allows for proper balance and for the player to become square to the basket. We constantly reiterate "inside foot, then outside foot" throughout the drill.