And 1 1v1 Absorbing Contact Drill

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Drill Absorbing Contact/Finishing Strong Drill
Drill Nickname "And 1" Drill
Central focus of the drill Offense
Number of players required 2
Most appropriate age range(s) Middle School, High School, College or Above


This is a simple to set up and execute drill which has a focus on players getting more comfortable finishing at the rim with a defender running at them and/or making contact in the air or going for the strip.This drill simulates a player closing out on a drive or a transition breakaway.


  • Two lines on the baseline underneath the elbow. One offensive line, one defensive line - have players rotate between lines.
  • Defensive player will roll the basketball to the opposite elbow. After they roll it they sprint out to their own elbow in front of them and then close out to the offensive player looking for the block or the strip.
  • Offensive player sprints out to grab the basketball, square up to the rim and attack off one dribble looking for the score.


  • Two hands securely on the basketball and in strong possession keeping the ball well above the waist.
  • Using the body to protect the basketball in the air
  • Going through contact to finish strong at the rim with two hands.
  • Not shying away from contact