Alternating Layup Drill

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Drill Alternating Layup Drill
Drill Nickname Mikan Drill
Central focus of the drill Offense
Number of players required 1
Most appropriate age range(s) All


Commonly known as the "Mikan" drill this is perhaps the most well known and utilized drill around. It's used at all age ranges and skill levels. The only things required are a single player, a hoop, and a ball.


  • Players (often timed - usually 60 seconds) and attempt to make as many layups as they can while alternating at left and right sides of the basket.


  • With Middle School and above or for advanced youth players there should be emphasis on making sure the player is using the left hand on the left side, and right on the right side. This drill helps to develop confidence in the player's weak hand. Some youth players may not have the strength in their weak hand to do this yet.
  • Players should be taught the proper footwork and angle to make the layup. Off the left foot on the right side, and right foot on the left side.
  • If players struggle with accuracy, they should aim for the top closest corner of the square on the backboard.
  • Keeping the ball high is important, players should rebound and keep the ball raised never hitting the floor. This helps offensive rebounders not get the ball stripped or entangled and allows for a more efficient putback.

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