4v0 Five Point Transition Drill

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Drill 4v0 Five Point Transition Passing Drill
Drill Nickname 5 Point Transition
Central focus of the drill Transition
Number of players required 6
Most appropriate age range(s) Middle School, High School, College or Above


  • We split players into three categories:
    • "Point" players, usually PG/SG - those who handle the ball on a regular basis.
    • "Wing" players, usually SG/SF/PF - those who get out into the running lanes on a regular basis in transition.
    • "Post" players, usually PF/C.
  • Two players (Both labeled as O4) are set as inbounders.

Running Assignments

The Point Player

Will go up and down the middle of the court and will come to the inbound passes as quickly as possible. One of the more important elements in this drill is eliminating wasted dribble by ball handlers in transition. So often the first instinct for a point guard is to put the ball on the floor, we try to eliminate that by having the point guard face up the floor immediately and hit the open man. The offense loses half a second by the point putting down a dribble that takes him nowhere.

Emphasis is also put on distance of the pass. We recommend to the players that as a general rule, unless excessively wide open, advancement passes should cover a distance of about 1/3 of the total basketball court. Passes that go from one foul line to another are often inaccurate and are often intercepted. It also takes time for a player to collect and receive this pass which is often not caught in stride.

The Wing Player

Should be in the running lanes at all times. As they attack the basket and finish or continue through, the two wing players will cross and start up the lane on the opposite side.

The Wing must always be ready and aware for the advancement pass and must not get too far ahead past the 1/3 rule. If the wing finds themselves ahead of the inbound they should slow down near half court, be aware of their surroundings, have their hands ready, and have active feet ready to continue forward.

The Post Player

This player should be hustling from basket to basket down the center of the court and making sure to always keep their eyes up and ready.

Five Points of Advancing the Ball in Transition

  • When a layup is made/missed, it is important for O4 to immediately take the rebound and get out of bounds then inbound to the Point as quickly as possible.

Point to Post

This is a situation where an inbound happens quickly and the Post has hustled past a slow to transition defense. The Point should make a pass arcing over the Post's head so the post can either catch/two steps/finish or do the same off of one dribble to the rim. Emphasis should be placed on the Post catching and keeping their eyes up focused on the rim. Post players often have a tendency to let their eyes fall to the floor when finishing in transition.

Point to Wing

A quick inbound to the Point hitting an open Wing about 1/3 court ahead. The Wing should dribble attack as quickly as possible and finish strong at the rim.

Wing to Post

Quick inbound to the Point who hits a Wing about 1/3 court ahead. The Post should be in position to go 2 steps to the rim off the pass and should be lead with a bounce pass.

Wing to Wing

Quick inbound to the Point who hits a Wing about 1/3 court ahead. The opposite Wing should be in a sprint down the running lane and the Wing with possession makes another pass across court leading the opposite wing into two steps and finishing strong.

Point Push

In this case the defense would be guarding the Wings but does not stop ball. The Point should push strong all the way to the rim and finish.


  • With players new to the drill we often have the Coach call the sequence for the players to follow.
  • Once familiar with a sequence players should be able to complete the drill on their own.

  1. Point to Post
  2. Point to Wing(1)
  3. Point to Wing(2)
  4. Wing(1) to Post
  5. Wing(2) to Post
  6. Wing(1) to Wing(2)
  7. Wing(2) to Wing(1)
  8. Point Push

Sequence Diagrammed

Point to Post

5 points of Transition drill Seq1.jpg

Point to Wing(1)

5 points of Transition drill Seq2.jpg

Point to Wing(2)

5 points of Transition drill Seq3.jpg

Wing(1) to Post

5 points of Transition drill Seq4.jpg

Wing(2) to Post

5 points of Transition drill Seq5.jpg

Wing(1) to Wing(2)

5 points of Transition drill Seq6.jpg

Wing(2) to Wing(1)

5 points of Transition drill Seq7.jpg

Point Push

5 points of Transition drill Seq8.jpg