4X0 Motion Offense to 4x4 Transition Drill

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Drill 4X0 Motion Offense to 4x4 Transition Drill
Drill Nickname N/A
Central focus of the drill Transition
Number of players required 8
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above
Drill Source:Coach Bruce Weber
This drill can also be scaled to 5v5 as needed.


  • Perfecting transition defense and offense.
  • Quickly getting into full court defensive pressure.


  • O1/O2/O3/O4 Play Motion Offense at half court –
  • Before shot they must "complete the job" (EG. They must set one Down Screen and one Flare Screen).
  • After shot they become defenders and must communicate to pick up in quality full court transition defense.
  • In this situation: O3 is the Jammer, O2 - Bumper , O1 – Safety and O4 – Sprinter
  • Play Up + Down