3 Things to Focus On When Doing Any Ball Handling Drill

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Name of blog All Pro Shooting
Blog author Coach Mike Phelps
Blog post date 2014/02/19
Blog URL http://www.allproshooting.blogspot.com
Post Topic Ball Handling Discussion

3 Things to Focus on When Doing Any Ball Handling Drill

1. Eyes up, or as I like to say "scan the court". Make sure you are in a game mentally when doing any drill. When doing ball handling drills visualize other people being on the court. Try to see the whole court, no tunnel vision or eyes down.

2. Ball stays waist and below on the dribble. The ball fits very nicely between your waist and the top of the knee. Try it, put the ball in that spot, see how nicely it fits. So when doing ball handling drills keep the ball in that spot with your hand on top of the ball. When doing a cross-over move, cross the ball at your knees and below, twice as fast as your regular dribble. Make sure when crossing over, (let's say left to right as an example) that you get your other hand on top of the ball quickly so it doesn't come above the waist on the other side and get the guard over there quickly to protect the ball.

3. Guard arm follows the ball. Wherever the ball goes the guard arm is there to protect it. Whether you are taking a layup or dribbling the ball keep your guard arm about 3 to 4 inches from the ball. When driving to basket make the defense go through your guard arm to get to the ball, which of course is a foul and sets you up for an And 1 situation.

As I have said many times your not going to make a layup on me. If I have to I will take your arm out and just foul you. However that strategy doesn't work so well if their guard arm is up. Off the dribble keep your guard hand open, palm facing the ball about 3 to 4 inches from the ball. This does 2 things. One is protects the ball. Two it is also much easier to get your hand on the ball when going up for a jump shot and quick release.