3 Player Weave to 2v1 Half Court

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Drill 3 Player Weave to 2v1 Half Court
Drill Nickname "Score and Defend"
Central focus of the drill Warm-up
Number of players required 3
Most appropriate age range(s) Middle School, High School, College or Above


Three players start on the half court line with two lines to the outside and one in the middle.



Players will execute a 3 Player Weave with a chest pass, chest pass, and bounce pass for a score. Each player should cut behind the person to which they passed the ball. The player who started the drill with the a pass (Middle) will score the layup.


The player who scores the layup will get their own rebound. The player who scored the layup is now on defense, the two players to the outside are on offense. They then turn and make an outlet pass to one of the players to the outside who will immediately return the pass. Players should be moving in a straight line up the court towards half court. The defensive player will make a second pass to the other wing and then drop to the paint and play live 2 versus 1.


Coaching Emphasis


  • Quality chest pass while in the weave.
  • Target has hands ready to catch the ball.
  • Passer hits target in the hands.
  • Accurate lead and height on bounce pass as the final pass for the score.
  • Making every layup - proper hand finish on each side (right on right, left on left).

2 on 1 Half Court:

  • Offensive player with the ball should attack the defensive player to force them to make a decision.
  • If the defensive does not step up to stop the drive, the offensive player should go strong to the rim.
  • Offense should score within a maximum 2 passes, otherwise the drill is over. After 2 passes it's likely defensive players would have recovered.
  • The defense should try to prevent an easy score and protect the basket.

For more on the 2v1 break, see: 2 on 1 Fast Break or Defending the 2 on 1 Fast Break