3 Player Weave

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Drill 3 Player Weave
Drill Nickname 3 Man Weave Half Court/Full Court
Central focus of the drill Passing
Number of players required 3
Most appropriate age range(s) Youth, Middle School, All


The setup for a 3 Player Weave is straight forward and simple. Three lines either starting on the baseline or at half court depending on if you are looking to go half court/full court. One line in the right running lane, one in the left, and one in the middle.


  • Quality chest pass while in the weave.
  • Target has hands ready to catch the ball.
  • Passer hits target in the hands.
  • Accurate lead and height on bounce pass as the final pass for the score.
  • Making every layup - proper hand finish on each side (right on right, left on left).
  • Maintaining floor spacing.


The execution of the drill is the same either half court or full court. The first player should initiate the pass to one of the side lines. The foremost rule of the weave is that after your pass you fill in behind the person you passed to'. For the half court weave, the execution should look like this:

Chest Pass, Chest Pass, Bounce Pass for layup.

The full court version of the drill may have a variable amount of passes before the score but it should be around 6. In the full-court we often put an emphasis on players needing to get all the way to the sideline before starting to weave back towards the pass. This keeps players spread out and maintains spacing so players are making a cut towards the basket at a good angle. Players will make continuous chest passes til the final pass for a layup which should be a bounce pass.

When doing this drill full court, you can have the 3 players go up and back or have 3 lines at each basket to have a new group each trip down the floor.



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