3 Chair Drop Step Drill

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Drill 3 Chair Drop Step Drill
Drill Nickname Triple Drop Step
Central focus of the drill Post Oriented
Number of players required 1
Most appropriate age range(s) All


  • 3 chairs set up: One above each block, and one half way between the basket and the foul line.
3 Chair Drop Step Drill.jpg


Emphasis on Drop Step fundamentals.

  • Player steps up to each chair and executes a Power Dribble/drop step by taking the ball from it's resting spot on the chair.
  • Optional: Have a rebounder ready to grab the rebound and replace it back onto the chair.

Points of Emphasis

  • Eyes up and on the rim during the move not down at the floor. Many players look down and they lose track of their position and where the rim is.
  • Low base on the power dribble utilizing the hips to create and hold space.
  • Finish strong at the basket.
  • Technique over speed.