2v1 Defensive Advantage Post Entry Battle

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Drill 2v1 Defensive Advantage Post Entry Battle
Drill Nickname Establish Drill
Central focus of the drill Post Oriented
Number of players required 5
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above

This is a drill we work on with our post players to attempt to increase the difficulty in sealing, getting open, and establishing position in the post game.


  • 2 defensive players on the block attempting to deny entry to a single offensive player.
  • 2 Coaches (or managers/players) on opposite wing positions.


  • The offensive player should use whatever means necessary to establish position and receive post entry. Do not allow the player to pop out to receive the ball.
  • The defensive players should attempt to 3/4, front and back, or deny entry by any means necessary.
  • The post player can flash to either block.
  • When a pass is made from the Coach to the offensive player, the opposite coach should immediately skip their ball to the coach that made the pass.
  • The offensive player should square up and skip the ball opposite and then look to flash to the block where they skipped it.

Offensive players should look to work hard for 60-90 seconds, then switch in a new offensive player

Fundamental Focus

  • Being strong in establishing post position
  • Finding shooters on the opposite wing from the post position
  • Sealing in the post
  • Calling for the ball with eyes and hands
  • Post moves to get open (spin, swim, etc)