2 on 1 Fast Break

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2 on 1 Half Court Seq3.jpg

In a 2 on 1 transition the offensive players should be sure to take a wide angle in the running lane at the basket. If a player attacks down the middle it makes it significantly easier for a single defender to defend the middle of the paint.

The player with possession of the basketball should attack the defender forcing them to make a choice between stepping up and stopping the basketball, playing a "center field" between the two players, or stepping into the passing lane if they think the player will pass it. The player attacking with possession should always attack the rim with strength unless the defender makes it clear he is going to fully commit to taking a charge. In the case that the defender steps into the driving lane it will make for an easy pass to the other player for a layup.

A 2 on 1 Fast Break should never have more than one pass once the offensive players have reached the basket. It's important to put an emphasis on this in drills as the defense will generally have recovered by the time that multiple passes are made.