2 Post Motion Offense Entry Options

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Name of Offense 2 Post Motion Offense Entry Options
Nickname N/A
Type of Offense Motion Offense
Most appropriate age range(s) All
Best used against Man to Man


Often when coming off a turnover or in any dead ball situation the defense has time to set up and place pressure on the offense as they bring the ball up the court. Particularly at youth levels, point guards can have a difficult time making the first pass to initiate the offense. Offensive players should have an assignment to get open to prevent standing and watching. The motion entry options in our broadcast video help to share a few ideas of how we can get the 2 post offense started.


Broadcast #1: 3 Out 2 In Post Offense Entry Options

Teaching Points

  • Screen the man not the spot.
  • Offensive players should read how the defender reacts to the screen.
  • Make them pay for cheating the screen.
  • Utilize screen the screener for quick scoring options.


These are thumbnails of the options from the video:

2 Wing Baseline Screens

Double Baseline Cuts

Box Set Double Down Screen

Post Screen Down Angled Out

Wing Post Down Screens

Posts start Foul Line Extended

Alternate Down Screen/Back Screen

Opposite sides with opposite screens

Post Double Stack Turn and Screen

Guards underneath read the defender

Wing Deep V-Cuts

Set up defender and read if chasing

1-4 High Foul Line Weave

One under and one over