100 Shot Midrange Inside/Out Drill

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Drill 100 Shot Midrange Inside/Out Drill
Drill Nickname "Perfect the Midrange" Drill
Central focus of the drill Offense
Number of players required 2
Most appropriate age range(s)


Recently we saw a question asked where a player had difficulty scoring the mid-range because they often found they were off balance or coming up short/long. Getting comfortable with midrange shooting is often dependent upon how much time you spend working on it, like most things. Threes are the most common thing that players want to shoot so often this shot gets neglected. In this drill we look at a structured 100 shot drill where players work from both important angles in the midrange shot. First, the outside in where players flash into open space and receive a pass where they will square up for a balanced shot. Second, where players beat their man off the dribble but see traffic down the lane so they pull up in open space to knock down the jumper.


100 Shot "Perfect the Midrange" Shooting Drill


Coaching emphasis for the two sections of the drill:

Off the Dribble

  • Strong Rip/Ball Fake/Pass Fake to unbalance the defender.
  • Looking to get shoulder/hips past the defender, getting as close to (or into) the paint as possible off of 1 dribble.
  • Putting the dribble down before picking up the back pivot foot.
  • Balanced shot with no fade or lean.

Receiving the Pass

  • Hands ready, eyes up.
  • Quick, short steps when pass is coming. This gets the feet ready to step in.
  • Catch and square - inside foot then outside foot.
  • Stepping into the shot is key - many midrange shots are taken off balance which causes the miss. Practice balance!

Quick View Thumbnails

These are the thumbnails of the options from the video:

Off the Dribble (5 Spots)

Rip, One Dribble, Shot

5 Spots: 10 Shots From Each Spot, 5 Left/5 Right

Block to Opposite Short Corner

Use footwork to curl into shot

Block to Opposite Elbow

Step in inside foot then outside foot

Block to Opposite Mid-wing

Mid-wing just below FT extended inside 3pt

Elbow to Opposite Short Corner

Square up and release

Short Corner to Elbow

Elbow jumper (everyones favorite!)