1-4 High Flex Offense

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Name of Offense 1-4 High Flex Offense
Nickname Flex High
Type of Offense Set Offense
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above
Best used against Man to Man


This offensive set is run out of a 1-4 High look.

The attractive aspect of the 1-4 High flex is the baseline and paint being generally clear. It also spaces the floor very well and can be used as a delay style offense.


  • Ball handler O1 should bring the ball over half court. Right as the player crosses, they should be sure to attack a side of the court.
  • Weak Side elbow player O5 should pop up to receive the pass.
1-4 High Flex Offensive Set Seq1.jpg
  • After the pass is made, the remaining elbow player O4 who is now on the weak side should set a flex screen for the wing player O2. As always with a flex screen the screener must be sure to screen a man and not the spot. O2 has the option to curl to the basket if they are able to face cut their defender. This option may not be open straight away, but is certainly a scoring option as the flow of the offense continues.
1-4 High Flex Offensive Set Seq2.jpg
  • Once the flex screen has been set on the weak side, the player O1 who made the pass at the top of the key in diagram 3 of 4 should set a down screen for O4. O1 fades out to the wing after setting the screen.
1-4 High Flex Offensive Set Seq3.jpg
  • O4 looks to receive the pass from the opposite side and the flex motion continues indefinitely.

1-4 High Flex Offensive Set Seq4.jpg

Base Scoring Options

  • Fade to the corner off the down screen for a shot.
  • Curl to the basket down the middle off the flex screen if the defender tries to chase over the top.
  • Slip to basket off of the down screen if defender falls asleep.
  • Dribble penetration if the baseline is left open.
  • Low post flash if a mismatch occurs off a switch.

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