"Grinder" Offensive Rebounding & Finish at the Rim

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Drill 3 Man Continuous Offensive Rebounding
Drill Nickname "Grinder" Drill, "Bulls in the Ring"
Central focus of the drill Rebounding
Number of players required 6
Most appropriate age range(s) Middle School, High School, College or Above

Intro and Disclaimer

One of the most problematic and difficult things to coach in a player is aggressiveness and willingness to initiate and accept contact going to the basket. Often when players get into a crowd or sense contact coming they would prefer to fade away from contact rather than going strong to the rim. The purpose of this drill is to get players comfortable with receiving contact and still looking to finish at the rim while in a crowd near the basket.

DISCLAIMER: This drill should be carefully managed to avoid injury or conflict with players who are aggressive with contact. All concepts are used at your own risk.


  • Three players begin inside the paint.
  • The rest of the players should surround the paint on the blocks and foul line.

Grinder Drill Seq1.jpg


Go through the following procedure with the group:

  • Players will stay inside the "Grinder" til they score a basket. A basket cannot be scored outside of the paint, and it will not count if a player's momentum is moving away from the basket (AKA no "Fade-aways". This forces players to go strong to the rim.
  • There are NO fouls in this drill. Players should look to strip, tie up, block, and defend the person with the ball.

With this said, it's important to emphasize safety. Go over the following rules regarding this:

    • We are not here to hurt anyone, we're here to make each other better. Any player who intentionally fouls (a non-basketball foul) will be removed from the drill and perhaps do some conditioning on the side.
    • Players should look to block high and strip low. Don't "tomahawk block" down in the vicinity of someone's head.
    • Do not swing elbows.
    • Do not shove or lower your shoulder excessively.

The Coach should be careful to manage the above expectations in this high contact drill. If things get too aggressive, blow the whistle and stop play, remind them of the rules and restart.

  • As one player scores, the next player on the right block should step in immediately. Play does not stop, this is the opportunity for someone else who's "in" to take advantage of the brief one on one opportunity. The Coach should vocalize "Next" on a proper score, or "Faded" if the shot goes in but doesn't count due to fading away from the basket. Once a player has scored they move to the back of the line at the left block and the line moves clockwise.
  • If the ball goes out of play, the player can attempt to dribble back into the paint area or the Coach can call a restart and throw the ball up.

Play will continue til a predetermined time limit or amount of times through the line.