UNLV Inbounder Post Iso

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Name of Play UNLV Inbounder Post Iso
Nickname of Play Quick Post
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Baseline Inbound
Most appropriate age range(s) All
Best used against Man to Man


This play is run out of a double stack formation with two guards on the elbow and two forwards just below them. We call this play by simply calling out the person's name that should inbound the ball. This player is the person we want to isolate on their man in the post.

UNLV Inbounder Post Iso Seq1.jpg


  • The two forwards O3 and O4 set outside screens for the two guards O1 and O2. Both guards use the screen and cut to the corner looking for the inbound pass.
  • O3 and O4 pop out after setting the screen.
  • O5 makes the pass to one of the two guards and immediately steps into the post area looking to [[seal] off the defender for a post isolation.
    • If O5 passes to the strong side - make sure to step out far enough to be just above the block and try to seal as close to the basket as possible
    • If O5 passes to the weak side - go underneath the defender and attempt to seal them off behind.
UNLV Inbounder Post Iso Seq2.jpg