Two Player Help and Deny Rotations

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Drill Two Player Help and Deny Rotations
Drill Nickname BC Help Drill
Central focus of the drill Defense
Number of players required 4
Most appropriate age range(s) Middle School, High School, College or Above


  • The Coach (represented by the basketball at the top of the key) above the foul line.
  • Two cones on one side of the court representing two men who are being guarded by D1 and D2. If you wish to work on closeouts as well, you can replace those cones with two players.
  • Offensive players O1 and O2 are stationary on the wing and the corner.

Two Player Help and Deny Seq1.jpg


  • The Coach starts with the ball and both D1 and D2 should deny the pass from the Coach.

Note: if you wish to work on closeouts with this drill as well, replace the two cones in the corner with two players who can catch the ball.

  • As the ball is rotated to the weak side to players O1 and O2, the defenders should get to proper help side position making sure they can see both ball and man. O1 and O2 should give the defense a "show", looking to attack with one dribble either to the left or right looking to get to the paint.
    • Point of Emphasis making sure defenders have active feet on help side. When stepping up on a "show", they should make one large step to the edge of the paint to stop or discourage penetration and then quickly get back to help position. We put emphasis on this quickness to improve the speed of our defensive rotations.
  • We teach the top help defender to defend the high middle attack from the wing, but to allow the underneath help side defender to step up if the attack comes to the rim. In example 2, if O1 beats his man right then the top defender should step up. If he beats the defender left, the bottom help side defender should step up and the top defender should rotate back to help the helper.

Two Player Help and Deny Seq2.jpg
  • On a baseline attack from O2, D2 makes the quick step to the edge of the paint to stop the drive then quickly recovers. Make sure the player squares his shoulders to the driving offense.
Two Player Help and Deny Seq3.jpg
  • On ball rotation back to the coach, defenders close out into deny position once again.
Two Player Help and Deny Seq4.jpg