Superman Rebounding Drill

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Drill Superman Rebounding Drill
Drill Nickname N/A
Central focus of the drill Rebounding
Number of players required 1
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above


This is a mixed rebounding, conditioning, and offensive drill that focuses on quickly putting a ball in the net after an offensive rebound.


The Superman drill can be done individually with a basketball and a basket. Choose a predetermined time or amount of makes (i.e. 10 scores or 1 minute) for the drill. The player will toss the ball off the square with the intent of it going to the opposite side of the rim (not making it). The player should quickly slide or take a big step to the opposite block and secure the rebound up high with two hands. Without bringing the ball down to below the chest the player should immediately score the basket using the proper hand for the side they are on (left on left, right on right). The player will then gather the ball from the rim, step to the block they just scored from and repeat the drill till the allotted time or makes has been achieved.

Focus on securing the rebound with two hands and keeping the ball high on the put back.


These are the points of emphasis for the drill:

  • Speed - Adjust quickly to the direction of the ball to secure the rebound. Work on getting the ball out of the rim fast and getting fast repetitions without sacrificing form.
  • Strength Go up strong with two hands to secure the rebound. Power the shot up to the rim.
  • Keep the Ball High - Keeping the ball at chin level or above on a rebound prevents getting stripped or ending up with a jump ball by a player under the basket.