Oregon Secondary Break with Weak Side Scissor Cut

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Name of Offense Oregon Secondary Break with Weak Side Scissor Cut
Nickname N/A
Type of Offense Secondary Break
Most appropriate age range(s) High School
Best used against Any


This secondary break is run out of a 4 Out 1 In look.

Oregon Secondary Break Seq1.jpg


  • The first look in this transition set is always moving the ball up the floor to the wing and having the O5 in the low post on the strong side. If you are able to get a one on one look inside it's always a preferable look as you're going to get a shot close to the basket or a quick kick out if the defense collapses in.
  • If the low post option, open shot, or dribble penetration is not available the next look is a skip pass or swing.
Oregon Secondary Break Seq2.jpg
  • After the ball gets to the weak side, O5 comes up to set a screen at the weak side elbow.
  • O3 goes underneath the screen to flash to the strong side block.
  • O4 goes over the top of the screen after O3, flashing to the high post area.
  • Both players should continue through as if neither is open O1 will swing the ball back up top for O2 to push middle and O5 will come over to give a screen and roll to the weak side which has been cleared out.

Oregon Secondary Break Seq3.jpg