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A Lob Pass is a pass that is thrown in an arc over the top of a defender to get to another offensive player. It's most often used to get the ball to a post player who is being fronted. It can also be used by a perimeter player or in transition to hit an explosive player going towards the basket for a lay-up or an alley-oop.

Post Lob

A player looking for a post lob will want to:

  • Establish a seal by using their hips and not pushing off on the defender's back with their arms.
  • Call for the ball with the hand where they would like to receive the pass to give the passer a target.
  • Catch in motion and finish strong at the rim.
  • Keep the ball high on the catch and not bring it to waist level where they can be stripped.

The best defense against the post lob (particularly when the offensive post man has a significant height advantage) is to have a weak side help defender.

Transition/Backdoor Lob

Example of a Transition Lob - - - Blake Griffin - - Content Copyright of NBA.com

The transition or backdoor lob is a precision pass thrown up at the rim for a tall or athletic player able to go up and get the ball to lay it in or slam it home. Making sure to lead the individual into the pass can take considerable chemistry and skill on the part of the passer.

This pass should be thrown while the recipient is still on the ground and is about a second away from gathering themselves to explode to the basket. Obviously the further away from the basket you get the more difficult the accuracy and timing of connecting in a lob pass.