Full Court 1v1 'Turn' the Ball Handler Drill

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Drill Full Court 1v1 'Turn' the Ball Handler Drill
Drill Nickname FC Zig Zags
Central focus of the drill Defense
Number of players required 2
Most appropriate age range(s) Youth, Middle School, High School, College or Above, All


This drill begins with a single offensive and defensive player at the corner of the baseline. If you are having multiple groups (such as a team) do the drill, split them evenly in opposite corners.

Note:This drill can be adapted to go sideline to sideline (usually near half court) as a Warm-Up Drill



This is primarily a defensive drill and it is important to make that emphasis when explaining it. One player starts on offense with the basketball and the other on defense down in a proper defensive stance.

The offensive player should push with the dribble with the rear hand and make his way towards the elbow/basket line. The offensive player should push hard enough where the defensive player has to work hard to stay in front but if the offensive player gets past the defense they should stop to allow the defense to recover. The offense should not be constantly crossing over back and forth between hands and direction.

The goal of this drill is for the defense to slide and intercept the offense's dribble push forcing them to turn to the opposite hand. Forcing a ball handler to their weak hand can force turnovers in full court pressure so we are working on staying low and intercepting the dribble push. Once the defensive player has 'turned' the offense, the offense will push towards the sideline or the basket line depending on where they are on the court.

As they get to the opposite baseline, offense and defense switch and go back in the opposite direction. There should be groups going in both directions and this is why players are not allowed to cross the basket line. Have groups wait till the group ahead of them reaches the foul line before they start to provide spacing in between groups.

Drill Modification

Some coaches will have the defense 'turn' the offense in the back court, then play live 1V1 in the front court..If you do this with younger groups make sure to put an emphasis on the following:

  • Offense driving strong to the basket and not fading away with wild shots.
  • Defense making staying between the offense and the rim a priority.

Drill Emphasis

  • Wide, athletic defensive slides.
  • Not crossing the feet on slides.
  • Sprint and recover if defense gets beat.
  • Playing defense with the feet, not the hands/body. (No Hand-checking)