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A Flex Screen is a screen that is set moving away from the basketball for a player on the weak side of the court. This is utilized in several types of Flex Offenses as well as incorporated into things such as Secondary Breaks and various types of offensive sets and motions.

As always, one of the most important things of setting a screen particularly to the weak side of the court is that the screener sets the screen on a man and not on a spot. This can become an issue when running through a flex centered offense "dry" or without a live defense. Defenders will never be in the same spot and will often be near the basket line, so it's important that the screener have recognition of who is guarding the recipient of the screen.


Flex screens can be set both high and low and the cut can go underneath or make a curl cut around the top of the screen to the basket.

Flex Seq1.jpg
Flex Seq2.jpg

Flex Centered Offenses

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